King of Tutors 補習天王

They can be seen on billboards, full-page newspaper ads and TV screens in railway stations or on buses.Some of them have their own teams of stylists, fashion designers and photographers; many have personal web sites.The schools apply a fandom approach to promote tutors, who dress fashionably and are given nicknames like "the Godfather of Science," "Brand-A tutor", "Super tutor" or the "Queen of English."

Cram schools in Hong Kong are called tutorial schools . These cram schools put focus on the two major public examinations in Hong Kong, namely HKCEE and HKALE , and teach students on techniques on answering questions in the examinations . Some cram school teachers in Hong Kong have become idolised and attract many students to take their lessons . These teachers are called “King of tutors (補習天王)”.

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