Global Tuition Body a Reality

Europe’s top tuition body, the European Network of Educational Support and Concern (ENESCO) is holding an International Summit in Vienna on Saturday 29th October. This international summit will involve delegations from Germany, France, Portugal, Austria, Cyprus, Italy, Turkey, Greece, USA and Australia. This Summit will discuss the founding of a global tuition body and will establish the first permanent body for the exchange of educational experience and expertise amongst tuition peak bodies globally. This initiative follows a discussion by the EU in March about the impact of tuition on mainstream schooling and the implications for policy-makers.Mr Mohan Dhall, the ATA CEO will go there representing both the PLC Sydney Extension Centre and also the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA).He says “This is a very significant international summit and puts the Australian government on notice. Our European counterparts are working with government to raise issues such as access and equity. Tuition vouchers for low-income families are among the things offered to help families access tuition services. The Australian government would do well to engage with the tuition sector. Many families deserve a tax break and the reintroduction of tuition vouchers would help socio-economically disadvantaged families to access tuition for their children. In this way the deficiencies uncovered by the NAPLAN tests can be addressed thus raising literacy and numeracy standards nationally”. The push for a global body has grown as parents across the world demonstrate their belief in tuition through their investment in supplementary education.(ATA Press Release)

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